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I wish you a 100% win rate You're WINNER

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Analysts say that as the number of individual tourists increases, consumption patterns are also changing.
As Korean Wave culture such as K-pop, K-drama, and K-food is gaining popularity,
MZ generations are becoming more inclined to visit famous restaurants and
view restaurants instead of "Daigung," a duty-free shop proxy purchaser.
Famous pig's feet restaurants in Nohyeong-dong as well as

franchise chicken restaurants are lined up before they open in the morning.
In terms of consumption by industry, 17.75% of large general retail stores,
11.97% of hotel businesses, 11.77% of Korean food businesses,
and 6.84% of health supplement retail businesses were in order.



"Based on the analysis results, we will look at ways to effectively contribute to the
local economy, while actively responding to environmental issues to secure
the competitiveness of Jeju tourism," said Kim Chang-se, director of Jeju Island's innovative industry bureau.
Meanwhile, Lotte Tourism Development, which recorded 11
billion won in sales in the shortest period of time during the eight-day
Golden Week period from the end of last month to the beginning of this month,
also enjoyed a special net sales of 11 billion won at casinos during this period alone,
when hotel rooms were sold up to 1,500 rooms a day.
Considering that net sales in September were 14.329 billion won, about 77
percent of September's sales were achieved in just eight days.
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