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Check your score to determine if you should receive a third card

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The Grand Club, located on the 6th floor, offers a fresh buffet-style breakfast in the morning,
afternoon tea with various desserts and premium teas, and evening cocktail dinner
service where you can enjoy wine and cocktails unlimitedly along with simple dinner
menus such as salmon steak in the evening.
Dream Tower is home to seven global star chefs, including Oliver Weber, who served as
MGM Macau's general chef. Vincent Wong, the executive chef in the
Chinese food division, is a 37-year-old chef who has participated in
the opening of 15 hotels in China, including the Michelin-starred restaurant
Ray Garden and Shangri-La Hotel, over a total of 81 times. Jonathan Patissche, a former Macao
"Lebuchon" who won three Michelin stars, presents desserts and chocolates with sophisticated
and sensual flavors and designs.
Along with hotels, restaurants, and foreigner-only casinos, shopping malls
are considered key facilities of Dream Tower. On the 3rd and 4th floors of the
resort, there is a "HAN Collection," a shopping mall specializing in K fashion.
It is operated in the form of editing shops in 14 categories, including men's and women's
contemporary, casual, and street, involving more than 300 domestic designers. It is
evaluated that it has a differentiated charm from department stores and complex
shopping malls as it consists of stores with unique designs.
Dream Tower Hotel sales have achieved the highest performance since its opening last month,
thanks to the attraction of guests with such "eight colored birds."
It sold 40,000 rooms in August, generating 14.3 billion won in sales.
The hotel explains that the number of foreign-only casino users has
reached nearly 29,000 and has exceeded the record high, and the benefits of the
resumption of group tours in China are also in full swing.
Lotte Tourism Development, which operates Dream Tower, is offering a 50%
discount on an additional one-night reservation until the end of the year.
You can make a reservation through

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