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Your choice will save you your whole life

작성자 다정한이웃
작성일 23-11-15 14:01 | 7 | 0


Lee Sam-gul, CEO of Kangwon Land, said on the 24th that he felt responsible for
the plunge in stock prices after receiving a "D" in the management evaluation of public institutions for the first time in history.
Representative Lee answered the question of Kim Sung-won, a member
of the People's Power Party, at a parliamentary audit held at the National Assembly later in the day.
Representative Kim said, "It is a responsibility as a CEO that Kangwon Land received a D in
Gyeongpyeong for the first time in history," and asked, "If you feel responsible,
will you express your future?" But the name of your future
"Last year's parliamentary audit said it would improve non-casino business performance
to diversify its business, but non-casino operating losses are in the red. Users are still in
place, he said. "Water World, a similar industry, has recovered from the
COVID-19 recession and is enjoying a special situation."
"Since it was listed in 2001, the stock price has been at its lowest level. The evaluation
of integrity is at the bottom, and employees are constantly deviating, he said. "It is an opportunity
for Kangwon Land to go further in the future to take responsibility as a CEO in such a total crisis."
In response, CEO Lee said, "Before I took office, operating loss was KRW 430 billion due to COVID-19 in 2020,
but the net profit and loss was KRW 11.9 billion in 2021 when I took office."
Last year, we had a surplus of 111.3 billion won, he said. "We don't have any financial debts. However, in the
qualitative evaluation, he received a D due to his image as a speculative industry and
various situations. I'm not saying that I'm not responsible, but (please consider this situation)."
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