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작성자 다정한이웃
작성일 23-11-18 10:43 | 8 | 0


The return of Youker (Chinese tourists) raises expectations in the
tourism industry as a whole, including hotels, travel, aviation, and
duty-free shops. In particular, casinos are expected to see
their performance rebound in earnest after overcoming
a long slump that has continued since the ban on Korea.

The improvement in performance due to the
resumption of group tours in China was immediately
apparent. Lotte Tourism Development said last month that the casino drop
amount (the amount that casino customers switched to chips) at Jeju Dream Tower
Complex Resort increased 210% year-on-year to 132.8 billion won. It
broke the previous record of 130.2 billion won in July in a month. Last month, the number of
users also reached a record high of 28,734.

Paradise's drop last month was also 571.1 billion won, up 72.4%
from the previous year and 7.8% from the previous month. Last month,
the number of visitors also rose 87.1% year-on-year to 13,047. GKL also saw its
drop amount increase 50.2% year-on-year to 293.3 billion won last month.

Lee Sun-hwa, a researcher at KB Securities, said, "Lotte Tourism Development
has been rapidly increasing the amount of casino drops and visitors since
the expansion of direct flights between Jeju and China in July," adding,
"Paradise is expected to increase its performance due to allowing group tours to
China." Regarding GKL, it was also believed that the advantage
of GKL's geography, which has casinos in Yongsan and
Gangnam, major tourist hubs, could be highlighted when
Chinese tourists flow in in earnest after September.

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<a href='http://pongpong79.com' target='_blank'>ㅤ