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작성자 다정한이웃
작성일 23-11-18 10:44 | 8 | 0


As VIP customer performance has not recovered to pre-COVID-19 levels than expected, it is analyzed that it will
act as a negative factor for Gangwon Land's performance. In the first quarter of this year,
VIP customer performance only recovered by half compared to 2019. Hana Securities also predicted
VIP customer performance in the second quarter of this year at half the level of 2019.

This is because VIP customers are going abroad as overseas travel resumes in earnest. At the
same time, the number of visitors has not recovered to the level of 2019.
The securities industry estimates the number of visitors to Kangwon Land this year at 2.7 million,
which is lower than the average of 3 million visitors in 2019.
The number of visitors in the second quarter of this year was
about 590,000, down from 625,000 in the first quarter of this year.

Sales in the sector are expected to be lower than expected due to the sluggish number of VIP
customers and visitors. Securing customers is an urgent priority, but high demand for overseas travel
continues. Lee Ki-hoon, a researcher at Hana Securities, said, "Similar speculative acts such as
Holdum Pubs are expanding in various forms online as well as in the
space," adding, "If active regulations or supervision are not implemented,
Kangwon Land's growth potential will also be lowered."


On the other hand, sales in the resort sector are expected to continue to be strong. Recently,
Kangwon Land decided to invest 19.4 billion won in hotel remodeling by 2027. Kangwon
Land aims to improve the resort sector's performance as customer
satisfaction increases through remodeling investments.

In addition, Kangwon Land's strategy is to reduce the gap between the off-season
and the peak season to strengthen the competitiveness of the resort sector.
It aims to maximize profitability by expanding companion facilities for
companion animals while maintaining an average of 60% of the off-season occupancy rate this year.


In order to expand sales in the casino sector, the "slot machine" business, a
new business, will also begin in earnest. Gangwon Land sold 65 slot machine
devices overseas from January to March this year. With the goal of cumulative exports
of more than 1,000 units by 2027, the company aims to enter Southeast Asian markets as
well as U.S. and European markets. Kangwon Land has secured a Southeast
Asian market base by opening a liaison office in Manila, the Philippines,
and supplied 38 units to the Philippines last year.
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