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작성자 다정한이웃
작성일 23-11-19 21:33 | 8 | 0


Hana Securities said on the 11th that Kangwon Land will be able to recover at least 2019 levels in China next year.

Lee Ki-hoon, a researcher at Hana Securities, said, "Gangwon Land's expected sales in the third
quarter will fall 4% year-on-year to 38.5 billion won, and operating profit
will fall 23% to 91.8 billion won, slightly below the consensus (103 billion won)."

Researcher Lee Ki-hoon said, "The expected number of visitors is 660,000
but the drop is about 1.58 trillion won, and the drop is expected to be somewhat sluggish compared to the traffic."
Researcher Lee pointed out, "Before COVID-19, the drop per person was around
2.2 million won, down 10% from the previous year to 2.4 million won this year,
up 7% from three years ago, except for the retaliatory
consumption effect last year-on-year, however, indicators are still sluggish.
"Although we slightly lowered our profit estimates, the target stock price changed its
base year to 2024, resulting in an upward factor of around 10 percent," he said.
"We maintain our target stock price because the current stock
price is in a short-term gap, but we will reflect it when the business conditions recover in the future."
"The expected dividend is 750 won, and the current stock price is
5% based on the market dividend rate," he said. "From a dividend stock perspective, it is
entering an attractive price, but it is regrettable that the industry is not attractive."
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