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작성자 다정한이웃
작성일 23-11-19 21:34 | 10 | 0


Eom Jung-hyun (24, male, photo), sponsored by Kangwon Land, won his first professional debut in the 17th
tournament of the Srixon Tour, the second division of Korean professional golf.

Eom Jung-hyun, who shot a 5-under 67 in the second round on the last day of the tournament at Solago
CC in Taean, Chungcheongnam-do, on the 25th, won the title after a close game of
overtime and received 16 million won in prize money. Eom will be promoted to the first division tour,
the Korean Tour, if he ranks within the top 10 in the overall points rankings based on the
results of the remaining three tournaments.
Kangwon Land signed a sponsorship contract with Eom through an open recruitment test for High1
Resort held in April. Kangwon Land is sponsoring golfers for sports marketing and brand promotion,
and especially from this year, KPGA 2nd Division (Srickson Tour) and KLPGA 2nd Division (Dream Tour)
are sponsored through public testing among players from Gangwon-do and abandoned mine areas.

Eom Jung-hyun, who won the championship, said, "I've passed the preliminary round with a good record, but
I was disappointed that I didn't perform well in the finals, but I've found confidence with this win," adding,
"I feel proud that Kangwon Land, the representative company of Gangwon State, is a
sponsor, and now I live in Wonju, but I feel that my relationship with Kangwon Land is
really deep because I spent my youth in Sabuk."

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